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    Stitches cover

in hardcover…


Anne Lamott

A wise and compassionate exploration of how we can make sense of life's chaos.

    May We Be Forgiven cover

in trade…

May We Be Forgiven

A. M. Homes

"In this vivid, transfixing new novel, A.M. Holmes presents a darkly comic look at twenty-first-century domestic life and the possibility of personal transformation."


in mass market…

Touch & Go

Lisa Gardner

    Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella cover

for Young Readers…

Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella

Jan Brett

Jan Brett sets her Cinderella story in a snowy Russian winter where one magical night, Cinders, the most picked upon hen in the flock, becomes the most loved by Prince Cockerel when she arrives at the ball looking so beautiful that even her bossy sisters don't recognize her.

    Kill or Cure

from DK…

Kill or Cure

Steve Parker

Kill or Cure is a fascinating look at the history of medicine, from its earliest practices to the high-tech world of modern medicine.

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